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The President then appointed the following committee on volun-

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tingling, or foi-mication, and an awkward straggling gait. These

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relieved, soon falls asleep. The dyspnoea and tightness across the

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tarily, quite steadily, continued to the present. Curiously, symptoms of

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by bringing the two fixed points nearer together, relaxes the string,

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hours by an ounce of castor-oil. In cases of less severity, the

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of mania are bleeding, general and local, purgatives, and the warm

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ease " will be useless, and the number of cases now reported, with in-

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noid membrane ; and the pia mater is congested and red.

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of twenty-two months, the subsidence of the parotid inflammation being fol-

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tures of the liver and spleen as well marked as in cases of longer

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cuations improve in character, the symptoms also improve, and when

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after an interval of a few hours, during which we have persevered in

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According to this calculation, the solar heat alone constitutes

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half of the children sent to that institution lost their sight as a

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cervix the antiseptic tampon is indicated. When hemorrhage is present

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scribed, or difluse, acute or dull, sometimes only felt upon pressm^e,

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case, it was evident that they could not be reached by the most

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sion of secretion with tubules still largely intact, or whether the condition

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phenomena of heat is motion, and the laws of its communication the same as the

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Observation. — {x 1.) American seaman from TJ. S. cutter ; age, 24 ;

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symptoms are those of Cvastihiiirmal Irritation: namely, extreme

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In milder cases of flatulence the remedies usually resorted to are

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avoided ; they are not required, and only serve to impede capillary circu-

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ascribe the disinfection not to the absorption by trees and other

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the operator. Early contraction of the side is more likely to follow resection


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