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fever; the cause assigned is, that during the rainy seasons they
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divided straight across, is always dangerous. If it is thin and broad, it
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organs on each other, through the medium of the nervous system, and by the
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but it is certain that in many instances we fail to discover such an
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seventy-nine. (Christison.) Of seventy-four fatal cases recorded by
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coccidia above noted ; small intestine contains a medium amount of fluid,
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encroach upon surrounding parts, and occupy adjoining regions.
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of an increasing disposition to corpulency. During the first part of
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which remedies have upon it, will be best understood by selecting the
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it is evident that it rests upon a basis entirely different, since the organs of oi^aaie
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most frequent and serious error is to regard the case as one simply of
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*viz. the Round edged Knife ^ and jhe Strait edged Knife. See
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southern States, to avoid large bleedings and active purgation in
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should still be given, by even a few, a distinct and separate pathology ;
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Traumatic enophthalmos ; patient looking straight forward. Sunken appearance, resembling
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Influence on the arterial and venous circulation. — Notwithstanding
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2. The surrounding medium may be physically and chemically
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withdrawn, the flexors, which are the strongest, contract, and the
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on both sides of the chest ; the coexistence of organic disease ; hectic
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Complications and Terminations. — A dry cough, and, if
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comes on, the breathing becomes less laborious and more full, the
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disease may also arise from caries of the vertebrae and relaxation
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and relaxation of vessels ? This increased contractility of the extreme


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