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thing which could possibly have been bettered. Although we have

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Remarks. — In the dog the lips, especially the upper, are sometimes

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rapid is the recovery of the joints. Thus, of those at or under the

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in the right lung. In the evening the lower part of the left side

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were Jiealthy, but the pericardium was acutely inilamed and contained

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The President, after making some remarks on recent points of

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from giving the details of the case, and confine ourselves to the fol-

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the spread of disease. The patients should, if possible, be sent to a

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a little timely missionary work there might lead to the sa\-ing of life.

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sion ; or, at least, that there shall be one portal in each of the three

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At the January sessions held at Blandford in 1634, it was represented

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obstacles. It had no difficulty or hesitation in entering its kennel,

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materials are cast out of the circulation. During the process of excre-

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always contain Representatives elected by the Registered Medical Prac-

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position on the back, we have an efficient means of keeping the air out

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in the human subject, they are met with on many different bones, and

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a sufferer during many long years, but I have spared no expense in employing phy-

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February nth. The cough continued. The sputa contained a little

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inwards, and expel the air again from the vagina. 5. Air will not enter

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a liberal scale amongst men of note in politics and science, we venture

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symptoms. At 8 o'clock the temperature was ioo'4° F.


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