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hot water ; acrid or poisonous substances taken into the stomach.

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soft adhesions between the two surfaces. Within the heart, some of the

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to cure it by all the means which are within his reach, and the more

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complete ; by the absence of distortion of the features, and by the

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confessed that their character appeared to be rather indolent and

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which four died. In the mildest grade there is only a trace of albumin,

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life ; and that the heart, independent of the brain and of the nervous power, is tlie

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3. As the compounds composing the body of man have all been

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the liver or spleen ; external violence ; obstructions in any neighbour-

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this drug is capable of producing. The plates of lepra are good, but

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frame and the indications of the healthy appetite, in which case a

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44. Atmospheric pressure also has its effect upon the health, and

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unusual, as he had had chronic cough, beginning at a time when he

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drops of a 10 per cent, solution by injection into the urethra, preliminary to

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perature in some and depression in others; nor is it possible to indicate

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liver, and in certain forms of Bright's disease of the kidney. In the

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from their own experience of its deplorable results, have known.

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medical men fully qualified to do the several subjects ample jus-

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unless there is very high febrile action; but local bleeding by leeches

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employment. Harm even may result from its percutaneous use where

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atrophy of the muscularis. 3. To administer digestants in those cases

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conditions. He concludes that in every anaesthesia the temperature is lower

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typographical blunder mars the last pages of this chapter ; pages 468

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siderable amount of labor has been expended in preparing a map

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received ; and shall be entitled to participate in all its affairs, as

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