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The remainder of the diseases are distributed into eight chapters, as
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neurosal suppression of secretion. In this case intragastric electricity,
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tinued for five days, the temperature remaining at about 99° F. On
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are produced in the human body, as evidenced by the loss of contractile
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there remained power of turning the right eye slightly to the right and pos-
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first of a frothy mucus, which afterwards becomes more viscid and
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(probably tubercular), and this little patient had been carried through
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did not improve, however, he decided to submit to an operation thirty-four
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and tonics have been used, and with success, as substitutes for quinine
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25th. A small, raised erythematous area has appeared over the right
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through its entire length, was empty. The mucous membrane
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occur when the organism has become thoroughly saturated with the poison,
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which are of far higher importance than the use of terais, or the
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much sooner to the action of the sulphate of quinia, after the action
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dipped in cold lotions, and constantly renewed. In mild cases the
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That the large size of the clot is due neither to an increase of
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at the pit of the stomach, or in the iliac regions, from 4 to 6 or 8
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of the case. But, on the other hand, where vaccination has been ex-
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upon chemical changes in the elements of the nerves along wbid
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acute local inflammations ; a form of fever with low action, and a
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tion. It is also increased by straightening or stretching the lower
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tbe action of the atmosphere. The other portion of the mud of the
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bright red and dry; voice hoarse and guttural; says that be b
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ftances ; but this is certainly intended in this Place : For in
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violent means, and in regard to the various other subjects em-
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and tingling at the nose, with an acrid discharge from the nostrils,
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This was also true of the former specimen of urine.
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lous diathesis. Lastly, a temporary disease of the kidney is sometimes
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The truth of this proposition is conclusively demonstrated by the
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in the state of body in which they are administered, stimulants being
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symptoms of an insecure footing in his progress." Medicine is
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in the tube traverses the bladder in an opposite direction, and this


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