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through the agency of the will on the voluntary muscles, or prompt
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carbonate of soda, dissolved in the infusion of quassia, appear not
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With the improvement in the patient's general condition there was a
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tion, secretion, excretion, and of preserving a definite form amidst
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how the symptoms, when studied in detail, yield the diagnosis of
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gravel, to employ leeching, fomentations, warm baths, mucilaginous
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period of his death, the faculties of the mind remaining altogether
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region where the Jussieua grandiflora flourishes, there is the same
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physematous subjects. By such pressure the skin and flesh are con-
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fluence upon cancer when it arises concurrently with it, have demonstrated
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tumor is removed and there are no metastases on the peritoneum. Even
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harder and more tumid, the tongue more loaded, the constipation
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tations. In the first two cases — which are at present under observation
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the intestines after death, have regarded this state of the intestinal
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an attempt at the interchange of the fluids from different parts of


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