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well-marked case of hemiplegia affecting one-half of the body are the
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tents and in the wash -water, and the presence of shreds of mucous mem-
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nately confined. The tongue is either remarkably clean, or covered
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681. Quantity of blood contained in the system. — The pulse is more
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sity for stimuli, so does the other justify the use of them. Where,
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solution, on being allowed to evaporate, yields well-
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is occasioned solely by a deficiency of colouring matter. Its tempera-
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ning of their trouble gravitate toward some prominent specialist.
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such symptoms occurring independently of it. Thus, in addition to
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are contemplating operations upon the central or peripheral nervous
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the bowels are restored to their natural state the patient is well ; so
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seem to have been aggravated by adventitious circumstances. The
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Knpffer, by comparing the expansion which a metal wire suffers by heat with
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the results of a collective investigation on diphtheria treated with and with-
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Art. II. — OhUgaiions of patienia to ih^r physicians.
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back, and sometimes affects the membranes of the spinal cord. In
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are also of frequent occm'rence, of which the most common are
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this State ; but we have omitted nothing in our reach which con-
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and can scarcely suffer the pressure of the bedclothes. There is obsti-
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guishing muscular pains of the abdomen. A slight touch throws the
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inflammation, or, in the form of shock, to rouse the patient to salutary
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turned as required by law, ten cents, and for each record of a marriage
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object contemplated in the first editions of this work, was
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the Mississippi shall roll their ceaseless floods in fraternal union to
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showed that the regeneration of the epithelium was delayed. Moreover,
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use of sodium chloride in food, naturally salt foods, as olives. To replace
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Treatment. — The indications in the aate species are the same as
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state of our knowledge we are without facts sufficient to prove that
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of profuse discharges, prolonged abstinence from food, the use of an
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cially when the patient is habitually pale and languid. The vinum
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ether. These may be combined with opium in moderate doses. Heat
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