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recommends the exhibition of Benzoic a(dd in doses of a scruple about

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dilatation ; slight dyspnoea, increased on exertion ; a florid skin, and

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be determined and eliminated from the general mass of results. It

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middle ; the gums are red and tender ; the throat dry ; the breath has

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tampon could be removed at any moment it seemed advisable to do so.

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entirely free from red corpuscles, of a yellow color, firm, and elas-

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very slight trace ; sugar, very slight trace ; sediment, chiefly H 2 U, con-

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microscope, is found to abound in white corpuscles. The disorder, as

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more other symptoms of circulatory disturbance. In 10 cases there was no

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the snows above. For a long time after the subsidence of the

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Diarrhoea, if excessive, may be treated by the compound chalk and

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If the action of the .malarial poison be depressing and not m-

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Produces leucocytosis as soon as taken into the organism.

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report in detail. Some features of this case are unique. The history is

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856. In advising patients suffering from any of the diseases just

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inflammation. The serous membrane was thickened, and orgaoized

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element which is destined to be eliminated by the kidney) , or a process

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against catching cold, and as keeping the skin in a proper state for the

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probably because more plentiful — is the effect. Hence the conclu-

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minous principles (albumen, gelatin, fibrin, and gluten,) may lead to

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seasons ; the spring and autumn ; and all the causes of debility and

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the granulations from the air. In healthy persons the granulations

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didactic lectures on special subjects. This session begins March 23, 1896, and continues until

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water-bath nearly to dryness ; add a few drops of water and of strong

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denies. He has repeatedly introduced sarcina in pure culture into the

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languid circulation. When the local disease, however, is very extensive,

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experiments on decapitated animals, have further shown, that for the

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and becomes dependent upon that of the surrounding medium, they become more

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affects primarily and especially the sympathetic nervous system.

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patient and the time of subjecting the tissues to preservative agents.

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their prescriptions shall be sent, to discourage druggists and apothe-

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Bespiration spasmodic, and sounds as if the air-cells, bronchial


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