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stenosed larynx, while a tracheal tube, which was cut so that it extended

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847. In those cases where it is deemed necessary to maintain an

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production of these effects it is not necessary that sensation or volition

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Cause. — A specific contagion, emanating from persons labouring

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From the increase in the reduced haemoglobin, and the fact that there

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Species. — 1. Rubeola vulgaris ; 2. Rubeola maligna.

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Study of the lab-ferment, of pepsin-production, and of the occurrence of

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patient, by the absence of the constitutional symptoms of the acute

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shown by the thermometer ; 2d. Of the relative degree of humidity,


cases. In 11 of these there were tumors, mostly tubercles. In 10 there was

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next day. For several days after this it was elevated, though not so

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was removed. O'Dwyer's tubes were inserted under chloroform in the

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time. After the spasm of the lids has passed away there is noticed a con-

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the intensity of the power of the heart, and its uninterrupted oontinnance, txtm

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The physician is often blamed for failure to cure, when the fact is his patient has

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limits to which they specially appertain. Accessible as Sacramento

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them liable to all those affections of the voluntary muscles in which

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that of rheumatism, and is brought on or increased by motion, extends

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bacillus pyocyaneus, that is, by the metabolic products of a microbe

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element of the growth of the body, often sows the seeds of future weak-

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at night, and a saline aperient in the morning. More active treatment

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the hands and soles of the feet : in the periods of remission, the pulse

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may occur in adults of both sexes to the age of seventy.

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after the drug has been swallowed. The powdered drug is odorless when

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neum is completed with the cautery. Under the guidance of the fingers the

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quite an amount of bleeding for a few moments during and immediately

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and, shortly after its removal, I recommenced my labors ; and, nolr

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and feet, and mustard sinapisms to the extremities.

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neuralgic, and will often be found associated with a tender state of


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