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greenish-yellow color, issued from the anterior border of the spleen,
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Alterations in the constitution of the walls of the capillaries and
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rested by milk and lime-water, and acetate of morphia. T^p ^
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no means represents the size and shape of the heart and large vessels,
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are well prepared, roentions, in the third Place, the cartila-
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N. J., which even during the winter months has been most beneficial
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Professor Richter, of Dresden : " Poverty of blood is, next to tuber-
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duction of the martial or ferruginous element of the blood, espe-
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ficent oaks, to a meagre border of willows, poplar, or sycamore,
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or mustard poultices to the extremities ; and, in fact, the treatment
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more numerous between the kidneys and stomach, than between the stomaoh sm
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in unhealthy habitations, and surrounded by every unwholesome in-
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thousand, is to be preferred. All chemicals which have a destructive effect
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It would be easy for me to give an extensive bibliography of the
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a"e signs of disturbed circulation through the brain, such as giddiness,
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Rein {Cent, fur Chir., 1895, No. 17) calls attention to the fact that this
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pelves. The following case, occurring in a primipara, is certainly remark-
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the muscles or the seat of pain. In many cases, especially in advanced
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poured like molasses, being thick and ropy. Upon close inspec-
and pulmonary consumption in the young adult. It is slow and tedious
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phenomena of man might be modified by the properties and forces
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was attempted, and in 18 of these cases (72 per cent.) was successful. Of
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302. The absorption of fluids, provided they be of less density than
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find this chapter of the greatest importance. Tumors of the Brain
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readily answered from clinical evidence affirmatively with absolute
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a full dose of from 5SS to ji of the Vinum Colchici at bed-time, fol-
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loading the child's stomach at bed-time with heavy, rich, or, indeed, too
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slight click ; slight crepitant rhonchus ; increased resonance of the
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the slightest exertion, accompanied by violent pulsation of the carotid
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not due to the escape of albumen through the kidneys. I have
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perspiration from exercise, and diarrhoea from slight inflammation of
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lation between the temperature of the trunk and extremities ; the


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