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were of a yellow color. I was unable to distinguish any colored

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ally as a very valuable Kidney Alterative and Anti-lithic agent in the treatment of

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100 grammes of proteids there would be required no less than 4? litres

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in two of these cases. It is probable that the cancers, and the

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affect chiefly, if not entirely, the reducing function of the organ.

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or lumbar or psoas abscess, or disease of the spine. By pressure on

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following remarks : " The successful working of the river-claims

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iodoform or sterilized gauze in the post-nasal space with the finger or a pair

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When the disease is more severe, it may be necessary at the onset

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cough even more troublesome than the one we are trying to cure, and

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Further examination of the patient was now made. The blood was

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this remission, but more frequently the improvement is delusive.

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apertures, pus, followed by a sero-purulent, mixed with a curdy or

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Baillie,^ Morgagni,^ and Albiniis^ have described the obliteration

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against by rubbing any red spots that may make their appearance

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In a third case the temperature rose during an attack of coma and

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rather free, but not profuse hemorrhage. At length, an operation

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obvious to the touch ; or there is pain referred to the right shoulder ;

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take the nipple. In some cases there is intense inflammation of the

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many minute yellowish floating particles ; hanging drop made from bile

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and pain upon pressure, during the progress of the fever. The in-

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fever — mesenteric fever — stomach fever — low fever of children —

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only by the voice of ihree-fourths of all the members in attend*

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attended by the rapid absorption atid distribution of oxygen, and

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>atient. This dose was again repeated, and his trnnk and extremi-

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the world. Indeed, in former years, a systematic work on the

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4. The presence of sugar was determined in the urine immediately

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of the true causes ; when we assert that notwithstanding the obser-

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a true, absolute system of pathology and therapeutics can alone be

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the method of analyzing the urine. In view of the numerous ex-

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Dr. Fisher, in the chapter on Diathetic and Toxic Affections, as though


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