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exact correspondence to the degree of purgation ; the substratum of in-

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volvement of the sanguiferous and secernent systems which gives


or five years old, the son of one Miller, who still resides in that

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avoided. When there is retention of urine, it is important to make

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former course has been adopted, as being more nearly in compliance with the

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witbont arms. Its relations with other oontinents are few and Imperfect. It closes

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the entire or broken state of the several cysts themselves.

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injuries to the larynx ; the inhalation of air loaded with dust or irri-

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containing infusoiia, generally of fresh water origin.

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Munich. The best method of making the measurements hitherto known

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Indian corn, and beef. Apples, &c., could not be easily obtained,

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appeared; namely, spongy and bleeding gums, pain in and immobility

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increased in frequency, little or no heat of skin, little or no headache,

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844. A thorough drainage of the soil upon which the house stands,

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nothing need be said in this place, except that the effect of narcotics

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When the aphtha remain stationary, and are surrounded by strongly

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The following table confirms the statements of numerous observ-

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there are cases in which we know from the first that whatever treatment

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was yesterday. During the night, slept soundly, and this morning

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spasmodics have been used in vain. In a young man who had had

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one of snake-poisoning. The advocates of this method will have difficulty in

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cles. Tn the present attack of intermittent fever he has a chill

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general system exists to which the name irritation has been given.

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to produce lardaceous disease in animals when the suppuration was in-

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limited to the right lower lobe, the exudate weighed 1300 grammes. The

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foand alterations in the blood and organs, that the effects were

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conceive of matter without weight, but we do conceive and know

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extremities is below the normal standard, notwithstanding titft

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the appetite capricious, often craving and voracious, with a long train

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the urine during starvation varies with each individual, and as it

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of quinine may be given in the forai of pill or mixture, in doses of two

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When the urine is scanty and acrid, diuretics and diluents will be

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Besolvedj That the Association request the zealous co-operation

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glands somewhat enlarged, more distinct and elevated than usual,

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