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they are called, consist of urate of soda, and are deposited in the

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the middle portions. The mncoas membrane of the small intestines

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when the sulphate of quinia had been withheld, or sparingly ad-

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essays, and had their names reported in the newspapers and spread

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extensive local oedema, and from urticaria in all grades and forms to

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Cortical Diseases ; Dana, on Apoplexy ; Starr, on Tumors of the Brain ;

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furred out of all proportion to the amount of fever, but in children this

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been performed, but only the second in which the patient was still living.

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brought more completely into contact with the heart, so that the

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and of the two sexes, depend, apparently, only upon the varying chances of

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may be of service. As preventive measures, attention to the digestion, a

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But there are still other evils inherent in this class of books. Several

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evidence throughout the book of his interest in almost every subject, and

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she were being painlessly dismembered. This is succeeded by sudden

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followed by castor oil or saline aperients, must be given, as often as

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active measm^es are necessaiy to save the organ from destruction.

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378. The eff'ect of the division of a nerve is well known. If the

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chest. When the ear is applied to the neck or upper part of the

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Caustic potash dissolves uric acid and the urates of soda and ammonia.

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The serum during the active stages of the severest forms of mala-

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sented a brownish-black color with greenish reflections, and re-

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Diagnosis. — From emphysema, by the swelling in anasarca pitting

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and weak — the exact reverse, therefore, of the action of stimulants.

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so much below those belonging to the healthy chest as to furnish in

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downward, over upper portion of motor centres on right side ; found a

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hand, the face is pale, and the pulse feeble and intermittent, the

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is that of young connective-tissue, as mentioned by Hanford.

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were allowed to harass and disfigure the patient for life, are more

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falls to the bottom of the vessel. The sediment has a disagreeable,

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fresh pus is formed, which causes the abscess to increase in size, and to

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