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the cause of the diminished temperature in the extremities wosM

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bability by the habitual use of ardent spirits. This patient was i

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convulsions, and the temperature remained between 102° and 103° F. for

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purgation and neglect of stimulation and the sulphate of quinta. Au-

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himself, and refases all medicine. The back of his neck and side

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trium, 6 inches by 4 inches, and another to the back of the neck,

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head, occurring at intervals ; pain over the eyes ; great sensibility to

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back, spasmodic contractions of the muscles, paralysis of the bladder,

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be as fixed and unchangeable as the everlasting dictates of justice, of

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ment of only those facts which present points of interest to the

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ture of these bodies, their freedom from colored blood-corpuscles,

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vagina. The lacerations were closed by sutures, and the symphysis wired

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21st Sajs that he took a slight cold yesterday, during the walk

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no longer excite the respiration and circulation. Another reason

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at 6 o'clock P. M. this evening his pulse was fuller, his tongue v»

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and Derangements of the Nervous System ;" the third column is added

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of any turning of the uterus around a transverse axis. It simply means

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marks of the scrofulous diathesis, may be mentioned a languid

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the thigh of a frog, poisoned the animal with nux vomica, and found

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sion of the agency and method by which the soluble proteid food be-

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at night, with slight delirium, even m favoui-able cases ; the bowels

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10. The new appointments to fill the standing committees.

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lepsy, melancholia, kidney disease, and other pathological conditions. The

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nerves of common sensation causes pain ; of nerves of motion,

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the physical, chemical, nervous and vital forces is thus deranged;

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and absolutely, that development, nutrition and the direction of

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scrotum in many cases of malarial fever of the severest types.

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use of acid and acescent wines ; dyspepsia. Gout is not peculiar to

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with the internal coat of the vessels, and of that which occupies their

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but this happens more rarely. Sometimes, for instance, an inflam-

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((/.) If purgatives be administered, without being followed vitk

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brain, either at birth or before the full evolution of the understanding.


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