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is then made with all the force the operator can bring to bear. He begins at

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vulsions, the pulse was usually about 33, but fell during the fits to

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case to an entire disappearance of sugar from the urine for a considerable

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A weaker stimulus applied for a longer time may produce the same

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connexion with the brain, produces sensation, and irritation of that

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1838. See Translation in Taylor's Scientific Memoirs, 1846, rol. ir., article ill.

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creased in hepatic blood, whilst the albumen, salts, and iron are

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"All symptoms of acute inflammatory diseases are attended with

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so as speedily to affect the system. In very severe cases, mercurial

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blood, the infective theory apparently offering the best explanation of the

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removed from the person in cold water, and strict separation, are the

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statistics are collected, vary so much in different States, that it is

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the skin in some cases hot, in others cold and contracted ; the pulse in

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without organic disease of the heart, is tubercular deposit in the lung.

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whelm the former. And, flnally, as the cerebral system, when it is stupefied, as it

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particle of an insulated wire, of anj length ; and if the wires propagating the el«^

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Diagnosis. — From English cholera, by the absence of bile from the

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made long ago, and repeated more recently to ascertain the fact."

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success will greatly depend on the method of examination which he

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Treatment. — In most cases, rest, a bland farinaceous diet, cold

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has continued for some months, or even for several years, the symptoms

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Definition. — An inflammation of the skin, spreading from a

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all these restrictions of the diet in diabetes are dictated by a theory, the

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These symptoms differ in no respect from those of idiopathic gastritis,

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