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is incapable of active relations with surrounding intellects.

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and the lower portion of the broad ligaments are burned through. The dis-

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as in horse-exei'cise ; collections of hardened faeces in the colon ; re-

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first becomes sensible, and thence is reflected as pain to the muscles of

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rejected. As the disease advances, the lips lose their colour ; the eves

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aperients given two or three times a-day. (^. Ant, pot. tart,

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equal, are applicdble to all phenomena^ inorganic and organic.

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which may he added, gastralgia and pyrosis. (See those diseases.)

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upon matter, like that of the intelligence, does not consist, eiHtm

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respiration, taken alone, may arise from any one of the many causes

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trlie blood in the portal system before its entrance into the liver,

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as electrical. Magnetism is only the electrical identified. We may, therefore,

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out of the altered liquor sanguinis of the blood into the air-cells and

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a great extent along the course of the Schuylkill, and was found,

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should in the meantime be applied above the wound, if it be on an

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Dr. Davis offered a resolution instructing the same Committee

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B. — ^Four cut cups to epigastrium. Four cut cups over the

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It is of the utmost importance that the practitioner should be

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acquired differences which distioguish man from man, and the various

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brain contained no serum ; bloodvessels of medulla oblongata and

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farinaceous diet should be prescribed, or farinaceous food made with

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My observations show that the increase of the spleen during

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We will now compare the changes of the blood in malarial fever

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case of the first form 1001. — (Christison) ; in the third variety, the

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prompt treatment of such cases. They should also adopt measures for

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caution which is not, we believe, adopted out of Germany.

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as excitement of the circulation, provided that that excitement does

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a hollow sound, but one less hollow than that which it would give if

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skin, by warm baths, Dover's powder, friction, and warm clothing;

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internal organs, and it is very common in drunkards. It is generally,

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