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stupid, and urinated in the bed. After the administration of a

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caseous areas of tuberculosis; numerous tubercle bacilli found on stained

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much blood was lost. This menorrhagia was not common and at no

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that of a man having the anasarca of renal disease ; his color was very-

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of districts ten or twelve degrees farther south on the Atlantic

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roasted, with a small quantity of stale and well-fermented bread, (16

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stomach, are sugar and oxalic acid ; of which the former has been

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relief in the part most predisposed to take on diseased action. It is

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simultaneous use of preparations of iron, and of the remedies indicated

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neighborhood, reaching the foetal circulation by spreading through the

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1 Ezp^iienoea Bur lea Effete qu'une forte Chaleor produit but I'Economie, Bm

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At first sight, it would seem that little difiiculty could arise as

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traumatic enophthalmos which he has observed; and Alex. Ogilvy 5 re-

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without them the registers are not only incomplete, but, to a cer-

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pura hfemorrhagica breaks out in prisons or workhouses, minute in-

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BCaia been living and making bricks in a low, miasmatic situation.

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bowels is best relieved by small quantities of liquid in a state of elfer-

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* I imagine that thefe Gentlemen were much more em-

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a. The first indication is fulfilled by the avoidance of sedentary

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^ss. Alkalis and alkaline earths, of which the best is the liquor

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indulgence in habits of intoxication, is not so easily made, and, in

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efficacy of the injections, the results obtained were not of such a nature as

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the knife, discharges through a single opening, or by several small

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mucous membrane follow measles is well known, but its after-effects on

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taint here evident might, of course, render many slight and forgotten

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be appointed from persons in commercial or politically central

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is important that the physician should be able to prepare it when

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if water has the agency attributed to it in the production of the

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its sway over the rational mind that, although no evidence of the fact of spinal irri-


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