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being in many cases not notifiable under local Acts and the like. But

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bar, where, according to Herman, the child was allowed to lie

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most scrupulous care. In the year 1882, in order to arouse

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own tale : "Neuralgia, partial paresis, hyperfesthesia, anal-

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ÔéČnza in London, against 7, 12, and 17 in the preceding three

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individual cases that the experience gained by one can be

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when he was again brought to the court for his further examination.

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is known to show that the sickness and mortality are excessive,

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difierences of coloration. When one of these was presented

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Visitors to the library of the Royal Medical and ChirurgicGl

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this Society was held on February 7th, Dr. J. 11. Bell Pre-

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Supravaginal hysterectomy, with extraperitoneal treatment

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mit of the hernia to the iliac spine before the bowels could

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should consist of the strongest obtainable cholera poisons.

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patients in the morning and receiving his guests in the

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ever, much doubt whether cases of this sort come within the

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case of Empyema of the Antrum, and pointed out how tO'

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conclusion, I may say that, after twelve years' experience,

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or old age, or upon abolition of office, after a period of ser-

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Surgeon- Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Waghorn died at Newport on

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included 43 in London and 6 in Manchester. Five fatal cases of small-

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is to provide also entertainments for the delectation of the

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ciding against the introduction of the Infectious Diseases

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he is in as easy a state of mind regard- viated in the new description of dispen-

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There was a good attendance, and Mr. Fowke, the General

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M. Pasteur, M. Charcot, and Protessors Virchow, von Helm-

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and from the common adulterants of soap. It was devoid of

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