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from above to below, the epigastric, the umbilical, and the hypo-

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in the wards of the Boston Children's Hospital. A total of 438 injections

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gangrene ensue, still longer. Several weeks often elapse before the

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others, that traces could be obtained under the stimulating influence of

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of vaginal and epithelial cells, an occasionally hyaline and granular

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twenty-four hours. The best method of administering the Sul-

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membrane. In pneumonia, too, we use the lancet freely, for a similar

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languor, listlessness, want of resolution and activity, disposition to

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the attention of the several legislative assemblies of the Union,

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laris mucosae was to be seen ; each ulcer had occupied the greater part

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concerning concretions in the heart? Why be anxious to learn

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was made. The patient died five days later. Autopsy showed a spurious

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the forms of malarial fever, intermittent, remittent, and congestive,

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451. The power which the emotions exercise over the secretions is

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of the uterus by that of the same vessels in other parts of the body.

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