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but rather of stagnation and accumulation of the blood in tbe capil-

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observed it early in one-seventh of his corneal cases in the first year of life.

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of malignant fever within the city proper. All of the cases here

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or five years old, the son of one Miller, who still resides in that

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hypertrophy of liver and spleen and the deformations which are thus pro-

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adapted to their years and strength ; hence solid food of all kinds is

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and debility ; a quick and weak pulse ; a sense of burning heat, and

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in its properties and in its relations to the other elements of the bloody

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members of benefit societies in Liverpool, the unhealthiest city in

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morbid growth, as the lymphatics or veins which are instrumental in

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absorption, and of depletion in promoting it, point at once to the

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The fact that the temperature of the extremities is but two de>

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In these cases, the malarial poison appeared to act either directly

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bland farinaceous diet. Diarrhoea commonly subsides by strict regu-

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(2.) Substances which result from the imperfect assimilation of the

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Symptoms.— After a slight rigor, pain and tenderness of the

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Urine orange colored, several shades higher than in health, bot

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would be an exacerbation of the nervous symptoms, occurring

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second the symptoms indicated that the menopause was precipitated by

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vol. i. p. 122. Memoir on the Motive Power of Heat, by K Clapeyron, Taylor's

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and hydrocyanic acid (ten grains of the salt of bismuth with three,

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diseases in those cases from which these observations were dehTed

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Von Herff calls attention in the Centralblatt fur Gynakologie, 1895, No

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of these gases also varies considerably ; but it appears that nitrogen is

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Amount of urine collected during the last twenty-four hours, grs.

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Urine ^oz., fiKces 5 oz., lungs lOjoz., skin ^oz. Total, 11^ oz.

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is of interest to note that on one occasion an acidity of eighteen was

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constituting the great majority of the cases. The same ratios as regards age

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system, and controls, in a great measure, the distribution of the

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assisted by the application of a few leeches to the temples, or behind

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