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action. It may be given in doses of from one-eighth to one-fourth

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cure and palliation of diseases. In its widest sense, it comprises all

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tinction of sex, time of the day, or posture of the body. The number

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The most important point of the treatment is to ascertain the

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work of Dr. Golding Bird, on Urinary Deposits. The perusal of

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(4.) Acidulous waters. These waters are characterized by the

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Treatment. — Gargles of alum, zinc, chloride of soda, chloride of

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known, some acting by diminishing the violence of the circulation

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accidents and contingencies to which a medical man is peculiarly

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hand does not correspond fully with that of the trunks and reaction is

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organism of man, have arisen from cells, and are composed of cells

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alone upon the structures of the circulatory apparatus ? or did

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The manifest duty of the physician in congestive fever (if these

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Species. — 1. Variola discreta, distinct small-pox ; 2. Variola con-

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768. The effects of stimulants on the healthy body may be partly

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insensible, with his mouth open and groaning loudly at every

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persons. In some it is habitually clean, in others slightly furred ; in

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disinvagination is of value when it can be accomplished without any great

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two were in the young. The symptoms, save in a few, were those of

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9th. His head has been shaved, and the tissues above the occi-

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abrupt, and heard over a larger space, where dilatation is at the same

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corpuscles, it is reasonable to suppose that it should be much larger

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to establish a definite standard to which diseased blood may be

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The spleen of an Irish seaman^ who died ten days after the onset

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inquiries of the patient as may be necessary to satisfy him of tk

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of the chlorides, sulphates, carbonates, and nitrates of potash, soda,

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especially the immense periods of time required for the completion of a single

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ration of the lungs, liver, hip-joint, &c. But it may arise from any

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