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the additional quantity of blood forced into them by the heart ; but, in

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entirely unaoquainted. In the cerebral voluntary nerves, as well as in the sym-

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given off in larger quantity when the barometer is low, and it is greater

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be of great utility in diagnosis. Oppler 2 has recently remarked a sapro-

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deficient food. — Exciting. Irritation of the mucous membrane of the

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and chlorosis, whilst, in other instances, it makes its appearance where

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increased distribution of blood and oxygen has been attended by

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Magnus,^ Holtzmann, Begnault,*^ Bankine, Thompson, Joule," and

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The Committee on Prize Essays was called, but, the chairman

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days, the first patches begin to fade, and new ones appear. There

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commonly confined to one side ; hydrothorax extends to both ; the

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a large amount of fluid. Without this fluid the important acts of circulation,

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the editor are of especial value. These are the climate, health-resorts,

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the same spot, in all positions of the body, and in ail states of the

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Skin hot, but moist, and relaxed. Bespirations 24, full, thoraek.

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delirium ; crepitus in the lungs, passing into rattling in the air-

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In large States, a registrar should be appointed, with an especial

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The development and structure of the vegetable kingdom, the

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Abdomen. — Liver normal in size, and of a slate color extemaJlf,

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^Klirkes," Wagner," Rokitansky,*^ Richardson," and others, we are

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(Archiv fur klin. Chir., 1895, Band xlix. Heft 3) concerning the forms of

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hour. B. — Sulph. of quinia gr. v every three hours up to gr. xx.

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Causes. — The causes are very numerous, such as long retention

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This child had taken some purges of calomel, jalap, and scam-

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This disorder, which consists in an excessive quantity of blood, or

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vided, the one for the absorption of the chyle from the intestines, the

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Negro boy, healthy and actire ; erect posture, after

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maintained that the phenomena of intermitting and remitting feresn

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ing. While there was no autopsy, there was little question that the cause of

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vious diseases and race ; and hence concluded that it was difficult


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