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thighs drawn upwards, and flexed on the abdomen ; the bowels are

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The forms, arrangements, and distributions of the terrestrial

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mode of treatment. In one case, occurring in a young adult, after

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diet ; (b) the continued use of purgative medicines.

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and convalescence is established. — Bulletin General de Thirapeutique, 1895,

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If swelling, tension, and tenderness of the abdomen continue after

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compounds, exist only in small quantities, and enter into but few

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generally present in the acute form is changed for a constant and dis-

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temperature until the publication of the well-known papers of Bourne-

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forme, or dermatitis herpetiformis, may also be remarked upon. Both the

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in accordance with the terms of the above resolution, shall be

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+ Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine

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might, perhaps, be fonnd in the disorder and perverted action of the abdominal

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Under the microscope, the mud of the spleen contained a great

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The patient was put under ether and a median longitudinal incision

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traversing each organ is increased in two ways ; — by the increased

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a-day, and cautiously increased. The iodide of potassium has lately

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may grant that it partakes, in some measure, or in some forms of fever, of the

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Of the ten rabbits successfully injected into the mesenteric vein with

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the fibrin exists not as fibrin, but as a soluble albuminate, and is

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It is consequently an alteration the inverse of that which betrays

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rapid, bounding pulse, and rapid, full respiration, and high tem-

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of the metamorphoses of the elements of the living body with the

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; common courtesy require that he should declare his reasons for so

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of the unknown vis-medicatrix nature; because it expresses an

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to contract on being exposed to light ; and double vision or complete

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M. Pouillet,' from an elaborate series of experiments upon solar

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precipitate it in the form of rain. During this season the southeast


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