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posed action of the healthy internal rectus muscle, thus producing the
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pill as to secure its prompt and complete solution in the stomach.
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Speer, M. D. London, 1857, p. 19 et seq. Bowman's Medical Chemistrj, pp. 145-
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sented a mottled appearance, from the settling of the blood by
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seriousness, sadness, and timidity as to future events ; an apprehension
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mission of impressions to and from the nervous sensitive centres
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juice, and at the same time has no effect upon the digested products
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hemorrhage occurred from the bowels in three cases, from the stomach
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severest fbrms of malarial fever, and in the dropsical anemic con-
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These facts not only show that the blood-corpuscles may separate
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There has been little if any improvement in the mental condition, but
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gradually extended into it from those parts. These newly -organized
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from the jugular vein to the coronary arteries of the heart, seven
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arterial blood, impediments to the return of the veiious blood, and in-
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weight of solid matter voided in this period. 1000 grains of urine,
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(the cook). Four of the men and the cook slept aboard the ship
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this, that it contains within itself the means of ministering to its own
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graphically by the late Sir Andrew Clarke was simply a cough caused by an enlarged Ungual
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demonstrated that to the nervous system is delegated this property
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ascending aoi-ta, together with the whole anterior surface of the right
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further subdivided into (1) cardio-vascular and (2) aqueous. The second or
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changes in the capillaries, and lead to a vigorous development of
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branches, where they are ligated. The ureters are dissected free, when the
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marsh-mallows sweetened with honey, opium, and copious emollient
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the abdomen, vomiting, arthritis, and purpura. A second attack followed
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Bxperimental and Clinical Researches on the Physiology and Pathology of^the
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the disease advances without control, it often terminates fatally within
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affected less frequently ; the carpal and tarsal and the small joints still more
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ters of a grain of quinine hydrochlorate, two-thirds of a grain of powdered
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most unfavorable hygienic surroundings, had not the slightest disturbance
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to a certain extent, regulate the temperature of the surfiiuse, does
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that the retrocession is so frequently the cause of the anteflexion it is


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