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The facts stated in the memorial which is now appended to this

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spots, which presented a bronze color upon section to the depth of

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vagum appears to be more prolific in branches distributed to the intestines, as the

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stiif, and in many cases they are the seat of chalky deposits.

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Feeling that " it is good for us to be here" — approving, thoroughly,

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a. The first indication is to be fulfilled by cold or tepid sponging to

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rather than to form deductions from its presence or absence. After the

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That the nervoas force is not capable of itself of carrying on tbe

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titation ; cold sweats ; pale and shrunken features, expressive of

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ploratory incision through the anterior vaginal fornix.

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108, fuller and stronger ; respiration 82, not so full and labored as

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similar effusions into the ventricles with softening of their parietes ;

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region of the right sacro-iliac joint. It was a spicule from this mass of

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III. Slight improvement, which slowly progresses . 1

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11th. Pulse 140, rapid and very feeble ; respiration 24, labored,

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Definition. — A fever accompanied by distinct exacerbations of

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intermittent, remittent, and even congestive types of malarial fever.

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to advance meteorology than has ever before been attempted under

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the period of infancy, and from the age of forty upwards ; high


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