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supplies the elements of cells of the peculiar foiTQ

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to obtain by correspondence. We can only speak of the disease

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These stimulants will in many cases be the means of prolongiBg

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breathing is short and catching, and performed chiefly by the ab-

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tremulous aciion of the muscles from cold, and when the muscles are

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cheesy masses frequently found in syphilitic children, believing the associa-

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bladder, and urethra, suffer intense pain, and are frequently destroyed

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The first of these causes is a wide-spread popular ignorance of

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chance, that the fibrin shows itself in the pyrexiae, either in norrosl

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to the standard of our attainments in knowledge, and generally

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color, varying in intensity in different spots. The stomach con-

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secretion and excretion; and furnishes the volatile alkali to the

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clay and gravel forms the surface of the remaining portion of the

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Although the thermometer has been known to fall as low as 38°

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indestructibility o/force^ and the great law thai action and reaction are

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out, and the bones of either or of both jaws, and even the cheek and

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fevers or other acute diseases ; excessive loss of blood ; inordinate

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6. stomatitis gangrenosa — GANGRENE OF THE MOtJTH.

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of especial interest inasmuch as with the ecchymoses there was also

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formal definition of disease, it will be sufficient to state, that disease is

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sun upon the surface of our globe. Thns, as a general rule, after the inorganic

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taken from the Committee on Publication and referred to the Com-

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disease; if there be inflammation of the nerve itself, antiphlogistic

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inferred from the composition of the blood, on the one hand, and the

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changes of the organized fluids and solids, but also of the develop-

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When the dorsal portion is affected, the body is sometimes agitated

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Sometimes, on the patient's complaining of the languor and laasitude

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if the stethoscope tells that the air enters the lungs with modemte

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