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deaths shall state the date of death, name and snrname of deceased, the

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and extracting the greater part of it through the vaginal incision. He also

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fluid within the cranium, by occupying space there, deprives the brain

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converted into another, as heat into electricity, and vice versa), its

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ister immediately, and follow with castor oil in foar hoars, is

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remedy is strongly recommended by Drs. Trotter and Lind. A com-

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patient, but to the other s}Tiiptoms and signs of disease, that the

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mission, for eight hours. On the 9th inst. (the next day) had no chill.

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From this table it would appear that the risk to life from fever in-

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a state of active irritation or acnte inflammation, acts on another and dietaiii

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when practicable, but in females it may be covered by a single layer

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the trunk, which by no means corresponds with the increased efforts

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— the surface of our globe would have been a barren desert, sup-

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202. The effect of remedies on the secretion of the skin is well

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gular contraction of the abdominal muscles. The same characteristic

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branous parietes. In health, they subserv^e the important functions of

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muscular tissue, and if the nervous force is generated by the dl^

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chance of relapse, the author believes is the better operation in ordinary

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three, or four houi's, continued till salivation takes place. Cooling

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oozed from the cut-cups upon the temples for eighteen hours, and

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complete absence of the secretions of the mucous membrane of the

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Limbs full and round, chest broad, and well developed. Has been

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1 Cause of the Coagulation of the Blood, pp. 423-434. The Italics are cur t^'

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Case illustrating the Effeots of Purgatives in Malarial Fey

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plexion. Has been running on flatboats and rafU, up and down

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frequently have been inundated by a mill-dam at the dabouche^ con-

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quent course of this case extremely interesting. At the last examina-

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soon as any signs of intestinal irritation make their appearance, we

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such amendment or alteration may have been proposed ; and tbea

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