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medicines, and therefore comes within the province of the physician.

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calomel, or hyd. c. cretS, (a quarter of a grain of the first, or a grain

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her due, we are as unwise as we are unjust. It is the obvious interest

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In favourable cases, this disease may decline on the third or fourth

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the passage of the electrical excitement), heat will be developed in amount oo^

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guidance in matters which belong rather to the province of hygiene

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Substance of the brain presented the usual appearance and con-

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days has taken about one hundred grains of the sulphate of quinia.

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the contraction of the ventricles, it may be stated that the " bruit

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divided into numerous branches, the smallest of which were not larger

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temperature there was a sudden elevation to 103.6° F. with coma, epis-

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an antipyretic was administered if the temperature was high, but beyond

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true, and, if rightly interpreted, lead us to a correct explanation and

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experimentally, that the nerves exercise an important influence upon

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of regulating the action of the organs and apparatus, and thus

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in the works of Lancisi, Baglivi, Bigault de Tlsle, Maccullock,

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lions—also tend to impair the function of the skin and lungs, and may

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cold in the head ; if it extend to the bronchial tubes, it is termed,

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the ventricles of the brain, presented the golden color of the serum

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the avoidance of exposure to wet and cold ; a diet consisting chiefly

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The treatment of malignant measles is similar to that of typhus

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the right of voting; and, when not in attendance, they shall be

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exhaling from marshy or damp soils, neutralize their pernicious

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chest, or by partial pleuritic efiusions confined by false membranes, or

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tropical climates ; and in bakers and other working men following

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in which the caries is located chiefly in the floor of the drum-cavity, in the

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uterus was discovered, and there was no vaginal discharge. Abdominal

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The vital principle directs the forces resulting from the chemical

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