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the general precaution that the strength of the patient must be hus-

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that the blood from a heematosalpinx had been forced through the ostium

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823. The muscular contractions of the uterus produced by the secale

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wards by the forcible injection of blood. If now the finger be applied

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reports two cases in which there was distinct carcinomatous glandular in-

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relations of all vegetables and animals, commencing with the

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Thus, the heart will continue to beat long after the division of its

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sists in the exhibition of one of those remedies which experience has

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assistance as shall be rendered by any authorized committee of the Rhode

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or four houi's ; the effect of the opium being carefully watched), with

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The researches of astronomers are constantly enlarging our con-

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been untkheld, it is highly probable that this patient would have died

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position that it is no longer coagulated by heat ; fibrin and coagulated

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iodine, was formerly in great repute for the cure of this malady.

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tions. It is necessary, in order to understand them fully, to trace

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follows as the patient's apprehension disappears — such are the ordinary

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charcoal and camphor ; chlorate of potash in scruple doses.

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chemical changes of the blood and nutritiye fluids, interfered wtx

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Of the whole time consumed by these several movements, the systole of

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The literature of the subject, although rich and interesting, cannot

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23d. The patient complains of a great deal of pain in the abdomen

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increase of temperature, denoting an increase of chemical change.

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their natural Situation, puts them in a fmall VefTel, and that

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at 11 o'clock P. M., and has continued unchecked up to 4 o^clock

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black hair, brown eyes, dark complexion ; age 46; well-bailt, m^

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caused by the ear disease are erroneously referred at times to brain disease.

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Thus, the heart will continue to beat long after the division of its

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* Philosophical Magazine, yoL vii., 2d ser., p. 462.

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This admirable little book presents in the form of pictures of sections

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over the eyebrows or on the top of the head ; pain under the left


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