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excess of white corpuscles in the blood, is often found coexisting with

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ing on the left side was seen to be more pronounced, and the usual incision

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of which it is a frequent consequence. Strict diet, purgatives, if

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coughing, and dyspncea. There is inflammatory fever, with flushed

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whether these operations of nature do or do not exercise the in-

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ogy of the Spinal Cord in Children, with appropriate illustrations. Anae-

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has led to atrophy of the secreting glands. As to a cause for the

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The patient must be kept clean, his position must be frequently

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citrate, or drinking freely of water, causing a great increase. The

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"blood — requires a carefal chemical analysis, quantitative and quali-

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Following this report is an elaborate and beautifully illustrated disquisition

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513. Piis. — Urine containing pus is commonly either acid or neutral ;

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perfectly well, and wishes nothing but water. When aroosel, ^

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Urea in 14,645 grs. of urine, 196.910; uric acid in 14,645 grs.

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209. For this purpose, the experiments of Dr. Dalton may be em-

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he should resume, only with the greatest care, the use of starches, then fruits

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and by so doing lessen the area of humid and exposed soil, the

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of elements. Hence land scurvy and other allied diseases.

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are further distinguished from each other by their duration and

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The more lengthened description in which some writers have indulged

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which it requires. Active haemorrhage demands the same remedies as

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Langish, Thackrah, Scudamore, Briicke, and Bichardson ; when

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Continnances were asked by the Committees on the Pons Varolii,

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those lower and simply organized plants, called lichens. Certain suocolent and

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difierent species, genera, orders, and classes of animals. Thus, the

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the cut surface of the spleen, and probably were due to the change

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tation. The trachea, bronchial tubes, and air-cells contained much


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