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on internal surface, corresponding to depression ; no other change ; dura

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of the neck, permanent contractions or conv^^lsions of the superior

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drugs are used as follows : for eight days belladonna, valerian, cinchona, with

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from the cat surface, to the arterial hue. This change takes plan

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bile, and the compression of the capillaries and secreting apparatus,

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cessary for the existence of plants and animals; every soil which

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slowly dropped on the parts, carefully rubbed in, and covered with oiled silk.

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19. Hereditary diseases, as distinguished from hereditary tenden-

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valescent, they are very apt to suppose that the rules prescribed

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gastric ; the four lateral regions, taken in the same order, are, the

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dry, but acquires a nauseous odor when moistened. Lewin found an alka-

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containing no fossils. The surface of the plain between the ranges

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During the years 1889 and 1840, the type of disease was much

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and upper extremities, by compressing the large venous trunks ;

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tobacco, &c. ; and the infrequent pulse, of vai'ying size and force, by

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tubes and trachea contained large quantities of fluid, and is attended

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justify the expense of making entirely new plates for these portions of

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63. (a) Epidemic- — Attacking a number of persons in the same

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quiescent syphilis in the father, for in the case of the mother there is the

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1890, an operation " intended to facilitate the expansion of the brain,

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5. In this case the marked reduction of the temperature of the

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of certain drugs on the uratic condition was being studied. 2 At this

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From hcematemesis. — The blood thrown up in haBUiatemesis is

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in size from, that of a small seed to that of a walnut, or even larger.

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result of chemical examination of the gastric contents in life. Cases in

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less complete atrophy of the tubules existed, the secretory function was

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near the little toe and ending on the inner side of the foot about its middle

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them to consist partly of mycelial threads. The character of the growth in

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ftances ; but this is certainly intended in this Place : For in

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to 100 females.) This will modify materially the result as to the

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Case of congestive fever, &out seaman^ sick only four days, (h

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cells. Siredey makes the rather surprising statement that during the

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of a Peyer's patch, and it was extremely interesting to observe that the

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articular rheumatism or rheumatic fever is called acute rheumatism,

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ing the slight improvement of his strength, there is still an almost

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the pain is generally diffuse. When the pain is limited to one spot or

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little as possible. If after bleeding there is still some febrile action,


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