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Aoephalons fcstoses, destitute of cerebral and spinal medulla, and hence wanting
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magic increase, and its almost boundless extent. This beautiful
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certified to the undertaker, or the person who superintends the
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Diseases of the Brain are introduced by an exhaustive and scholarly
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however, the terms synocha, synochus, and typhus, have not yet quite
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such are the emollients, the antacids, the antilithics, the anthelmin-
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Before the abstraction of blood the cerebral symptoms were
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Respectfully showeth : That they have had the duty of prepar-
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have a direct bearing upon, practice. A strong conviction that n(3
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In a recent paper read before the Soci6te des Hdpitaux, Gilles de Tou-
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was thick, and of a brownish-yellow color. The reaction of the
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differences between the observations on the thermometer and hy-
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vailed among physiologists, with regard to the amount of blood
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corpuscles and presented the yellow color of whipped fibrin. Sur-
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B. โ€” Continue stimulants. Apply bottles of hot water to the ex-
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Th. Leber (Heidelberg) has pointed out that copper, by its chemical
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1. By general bloodletting, and by the application of leeches to
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demand upon the lungs for the combustion of the carbon and hydrogen
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the treatment to be adopted, but as respects the comfort and well-
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Tartar-emetic is the only depressant of acknowledged power and
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term atonic gout has also been applied to them, on the supposition
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lieved as realities, and are interpreted according to the delusion which
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biniary arrangement is pursued; whilst, on the other hand, all
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369. But there is still another function, and a corresponding set of
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known purposes and ends, will find an equally cordial reception in
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systems was always attended by an increase of colored corpuscles
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action of the malarial poison upon one or the other of these sjs-
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2. A few drops of a 4 per cent, solution of cocaine are injected
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Diagnosis. โ€” From English cholera, by the absence of bile from the
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Symptoms. โ€” The disease may extend to the entire half of the body,
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three or four times a-day, especially in cases of incipient phthisis.
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The method employed was devised with the view of giving ample room
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the odour of beer, and yields an alcoholic liquid by distillation. One
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so much our object to promote the flow of the secretions as to bring
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season ; cold climates ; fatigues and hardships ; preceding attacks of
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the patient passes sufficient urea. If, however, this is diminished, or the
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and if these do not remove the symptoms, dry cupping to the neck, or
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gestive fever the chemical changes in all parts of the body are ยป
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dilated, the eyelids widely open, the eyes glistening and unsteady, the
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more important nerves of the body, but has left much yet to be dis-
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to hope that the day is not far distant when consumption will be
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gratitude and veneration of the world ; for although this matter
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inflammation. The parenchymatous substance of organs is apt to be
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hypertrophy. Local applications of a stronger kind are necessary.
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The majority of the patients either showed signs of or gave a history of a


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