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pain ; anodyne plasters, fomentations, and embrocations externally ;
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given at night when the patient is extremely restless, (G.)
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of lactic acid be considerable, or unless it also contain albumen. On
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in the infundibulum and pulmonary artery, or is comnaencing at
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Mag., vol. ziz. p. 275 ; to Chemical Afiinity, vol. zz. p. Ill ; voL zziii. p. 44L
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ment of the law of gravitation, were the facts of the planetary
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systems, and causing aberrated muscular and nervous actions 7 Are
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The vascular system is lai'gely developed, and the superficial veins are
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each containing about one-thirtieth of a grain of arsenous acid, three-quar-
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only by the voice of ihree-fourths of all the members in attend*
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demands that the variations and relations of the fixed saline con-
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occurs on every slight attack of indigestion, especially where much
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merely in degree, the one arresting every function of the body, the
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does ritalin increase blood pressure
•i»H 1 '^ "^ ::::::: 1 ^ 1 : '^ : ^ : : : : : 1 *
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> In his work, which was pronoimoed by Hamboldt, Halle, and Peroj, the com-
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the tissues, and fluids, and organs of these animals are retarded. If the tempera-
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taking care to strike perpendicularly to the surface, and not obliquely.
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mucous membrane of the gall-bladder. When spread out in thin
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system, if possible. It is extremely difficult, however, to produce
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in relation to deaths, concerning such deceased person, together with the
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with a nourishing diet, and liberal use of wine, and local treatment
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lute accuracy. It is evident, therefore, that when we attempt to
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the chest which accompanies certain forms of disease may also be
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injury to the nerves in cases of traumatic tetanus. The muscles often
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one ounces of ingesta yielded only five ounces, or about 1-1 8th part,
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human foetus, deaths in the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth months
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some directions are required. The first precaution to be observed is,
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matters, and is discharged from the bowels at short inter-
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weeks after an attack of remittent fever, was enlarged and softer than
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from a single spot, give to the tumour a radiated appearance : the
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All the motions in the atmosphere, and in the water, and upon
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purulent matter. Round this collection of matter, fibrin or coagulable
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ness which brought him under my notice began on the night of Novem-
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systems. Bnt, after all that has been achieved by a host of devoted
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discusses the various methods employed in treating tuberculosis of the artic-
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