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bling the black sediment of black vomit, which were discovered in

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Jaworski (Wiener rned. Presse, 1895, No. 3), following Snegirew's sugges-

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vides under favourable circumstances for the free play of all its parts,

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meagre aspect of shrivelled old age. The more the child wastes

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Krisowski [Jahrbuchf. Kinder heilk., 1895, Bd. xl. S. 57) reports a case of

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A Fatal Case op Excision of the Gasserian Ganglion.

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789. In the abstraction of blood, one rule should always be borne in

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tartar -emetic in doses of from A to |- of a grain ; and in rheumatic

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IV. To subdue inflammation, and promote salutary changes in the

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phate of quinia, administered without any regard to the state of

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Eleventh day. — By this time the vesicle, if it have not been opened,

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3. That in the first case (Stokes-Adams disease) we find as associated

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bronzed color in the interior; the color of the bile; the absence of

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Thus, Lecanu, from the examinations of the urine of sixteen

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are these the only means of putting a stop to or mitigating the

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Exciting. — All the common causes of inflammation ; vicissitudes of

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entirely depend. Sometimes, for instance, a patient will complain of

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toms of fever towards evening ; followed at night by profuse sweat-

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150 lbs. ; tall, spare frame, light hair, blue eyes ; pale, sallow com-

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structures of the liver. Not even one single division of these sepa-

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the rash appearing at a later period after the first febrile symptoms

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long standing, or complicated with other functional or organic derange-

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himself with the hopes of speedy recovery, and is often vainly forming

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blood. The mucous membrane of the stomach presented an ap-

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being easy of reference, clear in arrangement, and very full of sound

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the relation which they bear to the state of the circulation, frequently

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iting. This is followed by or associated with a chill. On one occa-

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The presence of particles of fibrin or of earthy matter detached from

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Treatment. — Local depletion by cupping or leeches to the temples,

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pain in her head, and a soreness over her whole body.

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bladder lies the utenis in the female, and the rectum in the male.

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those of the distinctly malarious regions. The atmosphere is

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is sometimes required. The silver salt is stated to be toxic to all forms

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and the violent action of the respiratory muscles characteristic of

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commonly been found to be elevated. This elevation is rarely marked

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cautions are required to prevent it from spreading as are recommended

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II. The second indication is fulfilled by, 1. Clysters of laudanum


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