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ing ; second, bands produced by more prolonged and severe pressure, which

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lungs and skin, and organs, and muscles generally, and cC the in-

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the degree of flatulence, are occasional symptoms of dyspepsia ; to

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of tonics and sedatives as recommended in Mimosis (p. 232).

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sites and vultures of the medical profession, as failures, yea, even

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ture and forces of the surrounding medium, it is nevertheless true

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the death of the animal, or any manifest alterations in the blood or

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to the extent of ten or twelve ounces is indicated, followed by tonics

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The heart-action was irregular, and the size of the organ difficult to

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change, physically and chemically altered, and are finally thrown off

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needs not to be insisted on. Jn persons subject to perspire freely, cotton

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lethargic. Twelve days after his entrance into the hospital with

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is always, for a day or two, warned of the attack by the occurrence of

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instance, actual .experiment alone can decide the question. If the

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This mechanical elevation of the uterus deprives it of the natural

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of the circulatory apparatus, apoplexy, and mechanical injuries, so

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duced, the jaundice with its train of secondary symptoms, the same absence

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A serious complication of pregnancy is found in an ovarian tumor firmly

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undue quantity of blood sent to them by the heart; and in this case

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of the corpse, pale, bloodless; color of the skin of the inferior parts

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composed of fibrin and disintegrated epithelium (fig. 28, p. 126). In

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of a child of four years. Paresis of muscles of both legs and arms, chiefly

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dropsy, &c. The perspiration is also diminished in the cold stage of

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When, from the action of the drug, a chill does not appear upon the day when

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receive a sufficient supply of nervous force, and perform its offices

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of the nerve first affected. Thus, if it begin beneath the orbit it

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douche or the sliower-bath every morning, with or without blisters to

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city were under water. No fever, however, followed, owing to the

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bone, about two and one-half by two inches, cut out with chisel and

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the same appearance; skin cool and relaxed; face not so rnoA

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to eighty-nine years. He found between the ages of thirty-one and forty

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10. The new appointments to fill the standing committees.

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the relations of the physical, chemical, vital, nervous, and muscular

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and others," have testified to the efficacy and value of pepsin in

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face, but the lips and tongue are of good color. The muscles are

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states of debility. The saline purgatives will be more appropriate in

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