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the superior portions of the brain less congested with blood than
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different circumstances. The chief causes which affect the duration of
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bright, sharply defined eosin-stained areas of various shapes and sizes,
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In acoustics, the labors and discoveries of Pythagoras, Mersenne,
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§ 7. When a physician is called to the patient of another prac-
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stomach or of the vomiting. He remained pretty well until about the
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drocephalus, couTulsions, and paralysis. The chronic inflammations of the same
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inst., but came on at 4 o'clock P. M. on the 14th inst. At this time
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at different times and under different circumstances ; but as the veins
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plants are comparatively rare, whilst in polar regions and upon the summits cf
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Chemical change in the organs and apparatus, and chemical
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which give individuality to the structures, the organs, tissues, and
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pathological conditions present in these three groups, he states that
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Habitual constipation is best treated by aloetic purgatives ; by the
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rical, or prominent, and appearing almost to terminate in a point ; the
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mountains we soon rise into the f(»ot-hiIls, which are covered with
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Ballow, anemic countenance, pale lips and gums, and tottering gate.
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spite of the action of the sulphate of quinia and stimulants.
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inflammation is to subdue it at once, and not allow reaction. If this
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fever, measles, diphtheria, and follicular amygdalitis. In these cases he be-
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For evidence of this Tery decided effect I would refer to the interesting and abl«
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inches in length, without breaking, notwithstanding that the smallest
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power, we will most often fail to discover any nuclei whatever within
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frequently repeated is usually given. Or castor oil, a teaspoonful every half-
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c. creta. The bowels must, at the same time, be kept fi'ee by gentle
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excess of free carbonic acid constitutes their claim to a place by them-
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with milk. In more severe cases, grain doses of opium may be given
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from liver showed diffuse fatty degeneration of liver cells and many
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the hard covering of seeds, the tendons and gristle of meat. Where
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interfere with its easy digestion, and in this way make it a less perfect
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ent parts towards the close of life, when the feeble circulation was
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we combine mint, or ginger, or cloves, with saline purgatives, am-
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logical alterations of the organs and tissues,^but in the disturbances
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is now the case ; for as we approach the inhabited parts of the


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