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its construction. I huve been a long sufferer and can well appreciate

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about a similar proportion the diarrhoea is transient or altera

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may be evacuated with knife or lancet but the degenera

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as amusement to study. The word Teutonia over a garden

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During the whole procedure it is well to maintain a slight

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anew. His laboratory is one of the most interesting institutions

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One hundred years ago Hunter used the method. Later Ricord

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rare forms in which cylindroids are inclosed in casts.

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is brought about by the multiplication of the cells of the formative

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been light in both respects contrasting strongly with the year which

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contracture disappeared completely during the stage of

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you destroying your health and reputation by idleness

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has been used with benefit in selected cases. The results

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lactation in women had been frequently noted. But again children

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ulcers are as will be seen from the foregoing description very variable.

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shall we succeed in the noble work of preventing small

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confer it. The former examinations Avere considered as not reach

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as the rot in sheep that the biliary acids are not present in

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body weight in man. Large horses or cattle may be bled to

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bleedings augment the state of collapse and frequently

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ing the details of his book I would say the statement is absurd

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experiments of Lehmaun and Marchand that the animal mat

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Etiologically we may distinguish the following types of infective

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of December using for our purpose No. a black mare

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the upper valley of the Santa Ana of which Riverside is near

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change and finally becomes absorbed whereas carbon the

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variable intervals or they may have a single attack only. Sometimes the

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compresses over the chest are useful in reducing the tempera

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impaired bowels costive. She has considerable pain and tenderness on pressure in

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prohibit. It made no difference that police supervision

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difficulty on account of the sickness pain and weakness both

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liow tlie former may go on while the latter is recovering.

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fect fellow also closed seems to prove this also the case of

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Abstract of Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of

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to the effect that no soldier at the present time under

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to another visiting whole continents in a short time. It rarely continues

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spermatorrhoea pertussis enuresis locomotor ataxia rheu

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discoloured and anesthetic patches of skin are in direct relation to


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