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of the liver during health have shown that the blood^corposcles

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ing, and purging ; and in part by the character of the substances

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toms and blood state. I now insisted on an examination of the stomach

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The restoration of the circulation and chemical changes in the

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thorax, and abdomen, form many plexuees, upon which the action of the eyn^Hithetic nerve

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before the skin was decidedly reddened. After the action of the

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changes of the capillaries are most disturbed, and probably &

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more often oval, and generally irregular in outline. The sizes of these

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the capillaries of the most dependent portions of the skin prodnciiig

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paralysis ; in fact, in this series of cases 2.4 per cent, more occurred in those

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stance was found to be of a light color and seemingly very fatty ; the

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burning lava, and deluging the fertile valleys and plains with a

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a fortnight in the Middletown Asylum ; practised gardening ; spent a sum-

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afforded for isolation in fever hospitals, and the prompt disinfection of the

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tained by inspection, manual examination, and w.easurement.

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graphy of the county or locality, embracing its climatology and

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tongue, a pecuHar smell in the nose, light in the eye, a musical sound

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all prevalent diseases, particularly those of the class zymottci. Let

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odorless, but the power of ashes to give this result is short-lived. As far as

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matters, a preponderance of the phosphates and potash salts ; whilst

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markedly toxic properties. Following the injection there appeared a para-

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scissors and the diaphragm was cut through, when 3 J pints of fluid, clear and

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The disease seldom continues long without inducing, or being

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Extremely acute pain should lead the practitioner to foretell shingles,

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(Hyd. c. creta, or pil. hydrarg. gr. i., Pulv. opii gr. i, three times a-day),

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If the sources of irritation should be found in the uterus, remedies

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for all ages amount to 1 in 6*75 among the males, and only 1 in 11"2

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