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ration. In a woman in her twenty-seventh year he found the respira-

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few seconds ; but in some cases it persists for several minutes. In

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the tonsils, emetics will sometimes cause the abscess to burst, or it

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sutured with catgut and dressed. At 8 p.m. temperature 102° F. ; pulse 96.

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of tuberculous individuals, and is most active in tuberculous guinea-pigs.


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the flexor muscles, they at length ovei^power the extensors, and if

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temperature. The earth remaining warmer than the atmosphere

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to serve on juries, to perform militia duty, or to testify to the state

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hard, and quick, stimulants are contraindicated ; but when the pulse

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fatal cases. In Case IX. of my series pneumonia followed the disease

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are more subject than others to hysteria and to mental disorders.

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Under the microscope these crystals were found to be well fbnasi,

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both parents had the disease; in 11.5 per cent., the father; in 9.9 per cent.,

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§ 1. Diversity of opinion and opposition of interest, may, in tkc

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rocks, trap, trachyte, and pumice, with occasional protrusions of

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586. In examining the chest, the patient should be placed in the

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with air-bubbles. The expectoration is increased by a supervening

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cautious use of narcotic and sedative remedies, and, in cases of

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sure. In this case, we must wait till the contraction passes off, and

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The temperature of the extremities is two degrees below, whilst

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relations between diseases of the skin and the eye, this is true only to a

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have shown that it does not possess any action upon the nervous system,

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others, again, in our own country, having observed cerebral complica-

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presence of functional disease, or of a state of health admitting of im-

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Causes. — Pi^edisposing. A cold moist atmosphere; the winter

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when the pressure is removed ; few in number (from six to twenty at

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plicated and involved are the phenomena that the solution of one

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tion. — Therapeutische Monatshefte, 1895, Heft vii. S. 364.


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