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removal. The circulation in the superior longitudinal sinus must have been

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again illustrated, by the different views which prevail with refe*

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the so-called sloughing phagedena, or hospital gangrene. Ulcers are

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particular individuals ; because they are found in every conceivable

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practically unchanged during several months. His temperature during

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In what manner it is best to destroy these areas of cough is hard to


hctB, patent and accessible to every one, we will here cite a few

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lation between the temperature of the trunk and extremities ; the

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inflammation and its consequences, and inflammation and ulceration of

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mento — disseminated in all directions just as the generating foci

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difficulty to be refracted. Symptoms of eye-strain had never been

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the present, was not the sanitary element of this invigorating

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given three times a-day ; and the bowels must be kept open by the

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poses as a better term than anadenia ventriculi that of achylia gastrica,

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of the kidney must be borne in mind, and the remedies appropriate to

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sympathy between nerves of sensation extends also to nerves of dif-


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