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disappearance of the lesions has been known to occur, but this is

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the eczema ; striking instances to the contrary sometimes occur.

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the tides ; the aurora and the magnetism of the earth seem

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Of such women the great majority of the class of prostitutes is com-

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three-pence, and at times of keen professional competition

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truly strange phenomenon, the reality of which has not unnaturally been

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ance of the upper part of the belly which led the observers to suspect

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but of which they might easily have been cured by physical

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may be associated with patches of white hair ; not infrequently, indeed,

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munity for one man to interfere with the activity of another by wound-

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insanity prevents him from recognising the absence of the disproportion.


career. If he could not stoop to the arts of the flatterer,


lives, lose self-control and do foolish things ; such attacks frequently

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the horizontal position after each feeding is sometimes required to pre-

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even in the second, destruction of tissue has taken place. In this way a

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of reference are undergoing continual slight revision. In

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(vide infra), perhaps paroxysmal heat and tension of the joint, particu-

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amount if necessary, and watching carefully the state of the urine. It

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blood-vessels at the base by means of electrolysis.

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" Now he is getting into bed, now he is putting out his candle," and so

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into frequent association, but who still pays homage to public opinion by

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be accompanied by more or less profuse desquamation.

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quite recently, reverts with favour to the dehydration hypothesis.

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longed through months or years by relapses, which, [however, always

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doing a useful act. They have plenty of energy for the playing of games,

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vaso-dilator influences which are brought about by the condition under

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simple impetigo and I. contagiosa. Duhring, however, still distinguishes

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they cannot be dismissed; or disbelief or doubt alternate with belief.

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of this lack of foresight, that forgetfulness of past distress which deprives

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out the reason of the detestation in which it is held.

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in overgrowth of the corium. The growths are composed of loose fibro-

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the later stages of the disease ; but that the best results are generally

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Maniacal patients not infrequently sustain accidents and injure themselves,

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arsenical applications are most severe where the skin is thin and delicate,

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disease. The treatment is an antiseptic one. To stop the disease from

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The cut of the clothing should be such as to conceal and not to accentuate

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coated, headache is complained of, and cerebral symptoms are common.

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in live-grain doses. The eruption quickly disappeared on the discontinuance of the iodide.

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genuine or spurious, readers should remember that the great

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brain at the point of arrival of the peripherally-excited wave ; and that it


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