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profess, the saving of human lives, and of the sacred responsibilities

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6 Centralbl. f. prakt. Augenheilk, 1889, xiii. p. 161.

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teeth. No anaesthesia is required. The pain from the scraping is very

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When the concave surface of the liver is affected, the pain is more

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be given to fomentations as being more generally applicable. When the

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distinguished anatomists, with reference to the connection of the

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bosis had not occurred, even after the moderate gauze pressure. At one

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she was ten month's old, when she had a severe illness, lasting one week.

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abandoning the classification first adopted by herself, and subse-

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matory complications in Bright's disease are apt to be very low, especi-

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of heat is attended with loss of sensibility and death, is directly proportional to

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must be continued in increased doses ; one or more leeches may be

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of the inflammation. The patient should then be placed in a warm

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lesion to be that of the nervous centre, or, in other words, of the spinal cord. If

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themselves, that the foetus is not alive till aflber the period of quick-

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difficulty. Indeed, I have had one case under my care in which the

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sult of the improved sanitary state of our crowded populations is to

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slight deviations. Cases which did not improve exhibited, after the injec-

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terval the spasms were again repeated ; during these the pulse became

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suffused ; the nostrils expanded ; the pulse frequent, feeble, and irre-

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311. The brain differs in some important particulars fi'om all other

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exact correspondence to the degree of purgation ; the substratum of in-

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^«o i« e*ii p »ft »ft io 00 <o m oca CO cfl «o iO "^ "^

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sphere, 71® F. ; temp, of hand, 98 ; temp, under tongae, 99.6. Uriae

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adopted without delay. Five grains, ten grains, or a scruple of calomel,

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experiments* have rendered this opinion of Boerhaave more than

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frequently remains entire, the patient retains his intellectual faculties,

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pain Due to Antitoxine Injection Relieved and Rest in

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