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hjemorrhage, and has been followed by fatal consequences.
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lithic acid gravel, and perhaps to certain combinations of cyanogen,
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into some obstacle to the flow of blood. The position in which they
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are obviously indicated in all cases. Beef-tea thickened with arrow-
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common with all other parts of the frame : the effect, therefore, of a
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puscles, Kolliker, Ecker, Beclard and Gray, consider it the organ
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attended to. It is marked by symptoms of dyspepsia, loss of appetite,
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After the third paroxysm the congestive symptoms became per-
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most fatal. The mortality is greater the younger the patient, so that the
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tion with a spanfiemic condition, and its objectionable concomitants
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with disproportionate strength of the two ventricles, generally com-
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spinal nervous systems. The patient, although weak and lethargic
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the base of the brain. The fit which occurred one month ago
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stands at the bedside, or when he studies an individual case with a
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corresponded in onset with a sharp diminution in excretion of uric acid,
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within them. In abdominal inclusion (foetus in fcetu) the parasitic
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lamellar or furfuraceous scaliness so characteristic of the affection, and
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Of the alterations proposed, your Committee would mention in
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the fact that the blood had been but recently effused into the spleen.
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of their existence more general and less complicated than the more
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clogged, and farther secretion thereby impeded ; or the tubes become
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secondary fever, and the rapid progress and irregular character of the
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to the town clerk, five cents in the cities of Providence or Newport, and
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had not to go to bed, but it had the same characters of cramp in the
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curred in which opium has acted as an aperient, and common Epsom
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ing vitiated function as the best indication of diseased organs. If an organ be


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