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physiologically and pathologically to the cerebro-spinal and sym-

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coloured xirine ; and constipation. There is a slight aggraration of

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symptoms of pneumonia. The fever, however, generally imdergoes

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Finally, in cases of double localized effusion, simultaneous drainage may

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Observation. — {x 4.) Irish seaman from United States revenue

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present in its most characteristic form, it is marked by the peculiar

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Hie second day became comatose^ and continued insensible^ passing his

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ently produced no good results. Of psoriasis a few cases were benefited,

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fants, has been suddenly changed l^ mental afli»cti<ni8 to an atrocious pe^on?

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by matter which has lost the amount of force originally received

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trical excitement be dipped in water or anj compound fluid, a chemical action wiU

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formation of firinous coagula in the heart and bloodvessels. Great

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tling of the blood in the vessels and capillaries of the most depend-

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After the transaction of some other unimportant routine business,

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other half of the organ, consisting of nearly all the remainder of the

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form of small red points ; many of which soon coalesce and form

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The mass removed consisted of a kidney, directly continuous with the

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is tenderness at the epigastrium, a warm bread-and-water poultice may

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in one case quickly disappeared. Endocarditis is rare, having occurred

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of the active stages of malarial fever. The liver-like substance of

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affections, under cover of the terms diarrhoea and typhoid fever.

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classification ; but are content to produce the one hereunto an-

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clavicular space by turning the neck to the opposite side; the axillae,

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of good common sense, but who have neither time nor opportunity

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iDreast, and appeared paralyzed. It required considerable force to

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