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with the steel with much advantage. A nourishing and wholesome

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suppurating buboes by injections of iodoform vaseline. He gives a

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the human liver by the injection of pure cultures of the typhoid bacil-

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able on rising, always with retching. Eats but little meat, fancying

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the quantity expelled at each beat of the heart too low ; or, what is

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the reader is referred to the collection of Formulae at the end of the

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sally disseminated through the county of Branch than we have

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third hour immediately after food. No untoward symptoms have arisen.

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ble ; and record it, and shall, on or before the second Monday of each

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carditis may be found, although murmurs were not heard in the cases

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to " anaesthetic." In certain districts in Norway the nodular form pre-

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Prepared by our improved process of osmosis, it is invariably of definite and

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or arsenic in ague is merely empirical, for we understand neither the

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The patient either sits or lies down while the arm is firmly held. The

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ferred to (ยง 851), can be more efiFectually broken through than by a

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board a brig, lying in the river,* below the ship-yard, along the low

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1805, when it had become pretty general, 16 out of every 100

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a course of alteratives ; if there is great debility, tonic remedies are

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gastric glands, peptic cells, and dark granules. These various

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newborn children are much narrower at birth than later. As regards the

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ticularly for the depuration of matters rich in carbon.

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Within the last five years the literature of traumatic enophthalmos

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rise, notwithstanding that the temperature is the same, or a few


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