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In the present case, sinapisms, blisters, cut cups, and purgatives,

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386. The effects produced in nerves of sensation or motion by the

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was attacked by facial erysipelas ; in another instance, the cystitis de-

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a blister is to be applied to the neck, and gargles of infusion of roses

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by the ordinary symptoms that accompany these terminations of in-

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digestion is enfeebled and perverted, the liver deranged, the spleen

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the eyeballs and forehead may be relieved by local application of cold

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The patient died at one o'clock A. M. this morning.

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medical department of the army, submitted to him for approval by

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interfered with the formation of the secretions, interfered witb tae

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As to treatment, Hirschberg says the remedy is mercury ; and he lays down

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5. The umbilical hernias which persist after the seventh year, in spite of

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pressure. If deep and moderately strong pressure occasions rather a

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the interphalangeal finger-joints had been swollen and painful for a

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may be formed by taking the water which falls upon its surface as

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producing the tirst degree of plethora. A slight diminution of the

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weeks after an attack of remittent fever, was enlarged and softer than


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the unique case of a newborn infant that presented over the entire surface

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pleurisy, and of the phlegmasiaB generally, and even of the irritative

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rdle, if any, in the causation of tuberculosis, both as regards direct trans-

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the excess of the specific gravity of the urine above that of water by

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By the recent experiments of Dr. N. P. Krawkow (Cent, fur Allg.

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use of mercurial preparations ; mineral acids in large doses impart to

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come organized, and constitute the successive layers of granulations.

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He reports ( Trans. Eighth Intemat. Ophthal. Congress) the results arrived

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Hypertrophy of the heart and intermittent fever . 15

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diately from the arteries. Sometimes, again, as in many cases of

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Anatomical Characters. — Enlargement of the air-cells, or

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rial fever spleens of long standing. In cases which have terminated

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Cortical Diseases ; Dana, on Apoplexy ; Starr, on Tumors of the Brain ;

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difficulty in swallowing. The papillae of the tongue are elongated, and.

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2. Cephalalgia dyspeptica vel sympathetica. — Diagnosis. Pain

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symptoms, but guarded, bearing in mind the fact just stated.

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on the top of the forehead. It commonly commences when the patient


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