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simple chronic anaemia, and the cachectic chronic anaemia, or chlorosis
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soreness of the fauces and tonsils ; herpetic eruptions on the lips ;
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liquors act as a poison, stimulant in a small dose, and narcotic in a
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two, or three hours for three or four times in succession, and followed,
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patient died. The autopsy disclosed interstitial nephritis, oedema of the
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and in dropsy arising from organic disease leading to an alteration in
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disorder. The waters of Harrowgate in England, of Moffat, Strath-
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extending to other parts of the body. There is often the most pro-
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was considerably below the normal standard, and appeared to be
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performance of its functions. The occasional use of the warm bath,
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out of the stomach unchanged, and are reserved for the action of the
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On the other hand, whenever the quantity of blood is greatly increased,
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slept ashore, two were taken sick; their attacks, however, were
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specified ; the form, too, is altered, either throughout the entire
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Varieties. — General or local. Chronic or passive. Inflammatory
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lymphomata. They describe two forms which they think are deserv-
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ing feature, from the literary standpoint of this subject, is the earliest
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stance. The wound is dressed in the usual manner. When there are sec-
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proving rapidly fatal (cholei'a asphyxia). But in the majority of
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two other cases, which were merely mentioned among the tabulated cases as
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