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"Admitted at all periods, but differently explained according to

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water, notwithstanding that he is liberally supplied. Has vomited

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comes on a few days before or after the menstrual period. It is re-

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retains his faculties and a considerable amount of strength, it often

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11th, 11 o'clock A.M. Severe vomiting commenced last nigit

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taneous in an officer's family, and a family outside who had just

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before the Physical Society of Beiiin, July 28, 1847, Berlin, by Reimer), see trans.

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fevers ; and to state this, is only to relate the fact in reference to

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not differ in appearance under the microscope, from those of the

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them cutaneous and purpuric in character; others deep in the subcuta-

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The following table presents the analyses of marsh oacbezis,

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stances destroyed or altered to the poisons, or substances r^olting

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tion of small round patches, of a dark-red colour, chiefly on the thighs

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been by this means partially emptied of their contents, we may apply

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extending rapidly to the whole body ; yellowness of the conjunctiva ;

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may be substituted. The bowels must at the same time be regulated

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quently to the grouping of the atoms of formless matter into

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Symptoms. — The principal feature of the disease is a remarkable

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Miller, lat. 87'', to as far north as Fort Redding, lat 40° 87'. To

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during the last twenty-four hours, 6120 grs. The patient affirms

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Stuttgart, 1854. Bobin et Verdeil, Traits de Chimie Anatomiqne et Phyaiologiqae,

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now, owing to more accurate knowledge of its pathology, its causes

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crew, had died. There were but two remaining of eight, and these

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diseases very prominent, while in continued fevers modified nutrition and altered

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attended by fatal results. To this cause, in fact, though not exclu-

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as rapidly and decidedly as a strong solution of sulphuric acid.

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showed there was no leukaemia. Later, tumors developed in various parts

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slow progress of symptoms, more definite localizing phenomena, progressive

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thin layers upon a glass slide, the change of color was much more

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science ; whilst we are ignorant of the chemical and physical pro-

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which increases the cond.icting power of the contents of the chest

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when practicable, but in females it may be covered by a single layer

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corpuscles and presented the yellow color of whipped fibrin. Sur-

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sweat, the water, and carbonic acid exhaled from the lungs, a small

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pulse has been remarkably infrequent, whilst the temperature has

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ment as possible. After opening the peritoneum every effort has been made


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