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still subject to wide variations even in health, as will be seen frona the
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The President, Dr. Miller, called the Association to order at 9
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by violent throbbings of the carotid arteries and cerebral vessels, and
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tory symptoms of the disorder. Thus, in croup there may be ddtk
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quantity of the urine may also be increased with a deficiency or with
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System, as distinguished from diseases properly so called. 2. Local
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not be attempted in the ilender Bones for Reafons formerly
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victims to the diseases of the plains. So is it with earthquakeSi
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contiguous organs, or of the direct action of the malarial or tjphoii
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rosis next appear, and the patient becomes much emaciated. On the side of
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list with them. " Svddenh/^ is no cause of death, and those cases
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seminal weakness in males ; plethora, and pulmonary consumption in
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liar tints which are usually met with in this disease, indicative of their
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termination, and of their appropriate treatment, though essential to
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Hie second day became comatose^ and continued insensible^ passing his
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of coagulable lymph, or with pus, and sometimes tinged with blood ;
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producing such a disturbance of circulation, respiration, and che-
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remove considerable enlargement of the mesenteric glands, and restore
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severe attack of congestive fever, of only three and a half days'
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colored blood-corpuscles, acts in concert with the malarial poison.
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of the body is permanent, but the bones ultimately resume their
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chest ; but a certain kind of sputa is stated to be a sign of that disease.
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at the level of the sea, and yet they enjoy health both of mind and
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four days' recurrence of the chill. During his sickness, the disease
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gas and absorption of oxygen are accompanied by the well-knowu
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come tonics. In less degrees of debility, they produce less obvious
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treatment of chorea he advocates providing rest, quiet, and seclusion for
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apparently attached to one of the utero-sacral ligaments. During the
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When there is spasm of the muscular coat, it will be necessary to
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about an immediate building-up of the globules, or others act directly
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511. Albumen. — Tests — heat, and nitric acid. These should always
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rature of atmosphere, 79^ F.; temp, of hand, 89; temp, under
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the more asthenio yariety, coDStituted the best topical treatment
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