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them cutaneous and purpuric in character; others deep in the subcuta-

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^ tients, suffering under the consequences of vicious conduct, oaght

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the infection at a great distance from land — together with the colla-

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of from 760 to 800 parts in a thousand, and an average of 779 ; and

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* Vefalius orders the Sternum to be laid in a molft Place^

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In ordinary cases of erysipelas faciei, where the symptoms do not run

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obtained lasting results, whose clinical history they detail except in two

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food, the use of spices seems to contribute to digestion.

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each. It has no action upon the heart, arteries, or blood-pressure, and is

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Baillie : " There are, in truth, few phenomena which puzzle, perplex,

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According to this view, after the secondary period of syphilis is over,

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* Organic Movements in their Relations to Material Changes, 1845. See also

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matters, and relieves the congestion of important organs, and thus

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ondary deposits in the upper portions of the broad ligaments, the writer

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place consists in desquamation or separation of the secreting cells. The

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Jersey refer only to one and the same grievance, the particulars of

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and abdomen, which are scarcely perceptible in the normal state,

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Bubeola is at the present time (April 25th, 1869), more univer-

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Exciting. — All causes of debility acting on the predisposed — such

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purgatives have failed, and the pupils are dilated, the respiration

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total lack of secretion with profound affection of the motor function : as

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of inflammation, accompanied by loss of substance, a new fluid is

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extirpated for examination, rapidly recurred ; sections of the growth showed

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during the heats of summer. Strong mental emotions also sometimes

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All'voluntary communications hereafter presented to the Asso-

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inflammation, or inflammation issuing in suppuration ; gangrenous in-

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retraction of the testicles, with dischai'ge of bloody urine, or of clots

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profession, yet for strength, integrity, and precision in all the great

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was made for opening the corresponding antrum. The antrum was carefully


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